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Although I regularly attended CrossFit classes I was somewhat confused about the nutritional aspect of things and was eating what I considered to be “clean” diet but in fact was consuming a high calorie diet.

I wanted a nutritional programme that supported my training and Mike began to advise me. He taught me so much about nutrition, eating well to support my training goals and I was delighted with the results.

Mike educated me on macros, protein intake and gave me lots of ideas about how I could eat a flexible diet whilst remaining within the realms of my calorie target.

Mike is a brilliant all round coach and can pitch his coaching at all levels, from newbies to professional athletes.


Mike taught me how to lead a balanced life and diet where I am able to stay lean all year round whilst building muscle and strength and continuing to feel confident in abilities, but more importantly in myself.

Mike’s encouragement is always there, daily if you need it to keep you track but with his approach allows you to take ownership of that knowledge so that you’re not completely reliant on him, making the lifestyle sustainable.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who either wants to get in the shape of their life!


Mike has been my coach since July 2018 and my fitness journey with him so far has been epic!

A few months down the line and my training routine has completely been tipped on it’s head thanks to Mike’s fantastic programs!

We even did a mini cut before my holiday in October and for the first time ever I had visible abs, which has always been a goal of mine.

I’m so grateful to have Mike as my coach.